How to use semi-western tennis grip for serving


In above exercises, we were using the straight back. One way to find the grip is to place your hand in a Continental position, then twist your wrist and forearm degrees clockwise so that your knuckles are facing forward. Even for these very few players, one can hardly find anyone using the 1 grip to serve. To use an semi-western forehand grip, the base knuckle of your index finger, and the heel pad should sit on bevel number 4. Also, you need tremendous racquet-head speed and wrist strength to generate adequate pace and spin. Third, change your grip to 4, the semi-western grip and do the same motions a few times.

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  • Most of my friends are using the Semi Western grip for serving and is doing ok/​10 maybe? But it's faster than my continental serves!

    images how to use semi-western tennis grip for serving

    What is. A Complete Overview of The Semi-Western Forehand Grip more competitive, the use of the continental forehand grip quickly became a thing of the past.

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    Hitting with the Continental grip on the serve and overhead is The semi-​Western allows a player to apply more topspin to the ball than the.
    First, a good follow-through decreases the risk of injury. To counteract the resulting natural downward tilt of the racquet face, you must meet the ball slightly farther forward at a given height than you would with an eastern grip, and while it's possible to hit flat, you will generally need to swing upward more sharply, which encourages you to hit topspin.

    Players need to learn to extend the hitting zone even when using a follow through that is rapped around the body as described above.

    And without that safety spin, returning a ball out of your strike zone can be difficult. The answer is no. You can also change your normal serve stance from pin-point or platform stance toward semi-open or open stance to do the standing exercises.

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    A side note - your first few shots on a real court may hit high and out, but as you increase your range of back and forth rocking motion and turning motion of your knees and hip, you can gradually bring down the ball trajectory to serve good.

    SemiWestern Grip An Overview With Diagram of The SemiWestern Grip

    One can make topspin serves effectively using either these grips. Here are a few suggestions to help in the change: Identify your goal s. So there seems no myth - continental serve grip is the one and only correct serve grip, the official serve grip. For someone who uses a Western forehand grip, on the other hand, the same face of the racket as in the forehand is used to strike the ball; no need to change grips if the forehand is played with a Western grip.

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    Using semi-western grip or eastern forehand grip to serve is a signature of beginner players or some intermediate level tennis players.

    This is. The tennis grips you use have a big influence on your style of play. Serve You can hit the ball flatter than with a Western or Semi-Western Forehand Grip.

    Explanation of Tennis Grips Clearly and Concisely

    eastern, semi-western, western, continental, and Hawaiian forehand grips for tennis, Which One-Handed Topspin Backhand Grips do the Top Male Pros Use​? Photo Tutorial: How to Hit the Heavy Slice Serve in Tennis.
    Similar to above point, if we use 3 or 4 to do sidespin serve and do followthrough to the left right handerwe can pull our opponent wide or create ace possibilities. The sides often are equally accurate, and no grip change is required. Andre Agassi in particular increased his use of the one-handed backhand and often hit an unreturnable dropshot with it.

    While it shortens the forehand reach and reduces maximum power, it offers unrivalled accuracy, which may more than compensate the former drawbacks.

    Tennis Grips Everything You Want to Know about Tennis Grips

    Not until I seriously practiced these alternative grips for topspin also flat and side-spin serves, I realized that there is this myth in tennis serve grip - the Continental 2 grip only myth. This puts your palm almost completely under the racquet.

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    December 25, Again, overtime this typically becomes less of a concern as most players will feel comfortable hitting a low ball or simply adjusting their grip for that particular shot.

    Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The open-facing racket head will be slightly angled towards the ground meaning you can produce a good balance of power and topspin. Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    images how to use semi-western tennis grip for serving

    October 13,

    Tennis has 6 different shots – with 3 major grips used: Players who Use Semi-​Western Forehand: All these styles of serves can be hit using this grip. Players​. All Tennis Grips - The Semi Western Grip Learn when to use the different grips and what the advantages of each grip are!

    Grip Guide A Grip on Your Game Live Scores, News, Player Rankings

    In tennis, a grip is a way of holding the racquet in order to hit shots during a match. The three This is basically equivalent to the Semi-Western forehand grip. For most, the topspin serve is hit by using an Eastern backhand grip (​bevel #1).
    But some are clearly better-suited for certain strokes and styles of play than others. Keyboard navigation.

    images how to use semi-western tennis grip for serving

    Choose color black white green blue red orange yellow navi. You will feel a lot better, depending on how good is your back turning, rocking and rolling motion and your serve stance.

    Technique Stroke Fundamentals Player Development

    For a right hander, if you stand very close to the T position from the deuce court to the T position against a right hander, you can serve in a way to hit the ball on the left side of court.

    First, a good follow-through decreases the risk of injury.

    How to use semi-western tennis grip for serving
    To do this using the continental grip, you must step into the foot fault position across the T line.

    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Although a Semi-Western grip can be great for a forehand groundstroke, you will never see an advanced player use that type of hand position for a serve or overhead. The Semi-western grip what I personally use on my forehand. Highlight Links.

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      The rest of the grips strike a balance between high spin capacity on the one hand, and power on the other.

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      No it is easy to learn best grip for forehand power and consistency Reply. With the Eastern Forehand tennis grip the player would place their landmarks on bevel 3.

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      Many recreational players who played tennis for ten plus years, reaching USTA rating of 4. The primary benefit of the semi-western grip is a players ability to generate topspin.

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      High-performance players do not use the continental grip for the forehand groundstroke; however, they do use it for one- and two-handed backhands. Through the evolution and increased competitiveness of the game, the semi-western grip was born, allowing players to hit highly aggressive shots with a significantly higher margin for error.